Saturday, June 23, 2012

Glutinous Rice Dumplings aka Zhong Zhi

Last week managed to make about 40 pcs of zhong zhi ..

Recipe i agak-agak taste wise ...still got lots of space for improvement.

Glutinous Rice - 2Kg ( soaked overnite or at least 4 hours)
2T salt
4T light soy sauce

Black eye Beans - soaked overnite, fry in onion oil with 2T salt
Chestnut - soaked overnite, peeled off membrane with sharp knife
350 gm Belly Pork - cut to bite size , marinate with 5-spice powder, dark soy sauce, Light soy sos, little sugar, salt, oyster sauce for 2 nites
mushroom - soaked overnite
some red onion

200 gm bamboo leaves
strings to tie the zhong zhi

For preparations of meat ;-
On the day of wrapping the zhong zhi, stir fry the meat & mushrooms in onion oil and add in some oyster sauce. Add some water and simmered till water evaporated & mixture look dry.

Drain the glutionous Rice and fry in wok with onion oil and salt and light soy sauce will dry and looks sticky

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