Thursday, May 30, 2013

Traditional chinese steamed egg cake- No leavening

Traditional steamed egg cake ... only three very basic ingredients to make this cake. It was delicious!

All you need is

a bowl of eggs
a bowl of caster sugar ( I reduced to half a bowl)
a bowl of rose flour or cake flour
a tiny bit of salt

You need to beat the eggs (cold from fridge!) and caster sugar till pass ribbon stage < i.e. when you hold up the balloon whisk the batter will drop when you count to 3. that is the stage you want to stop at.
Then gently fold in the flour & salt.
Steamed in a rattan bowl or i am using a dim sum wooden mould for 25 mins on high heat.

Hot !! from wok!!

No Leavening Agent use, but still can get soft & fluffy cake

My Dad told me that when they were kids, they were ask to whisk the egg by hand ! see how long they need to whisk to get the passed ribbon stage...we are lucky now to have high tech mixer...

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