Monday, April 8, 2013

Pandan Hee Pan

This is another good recipe. Chewy & Fragrant... If you craving for this kueh and do not have time to get ready the sponge dough...this is the recipe to try out..

Thanks to bernice Kitchen for sharing !!

Recipe (adapted from Bernice Kitchen)
All Purpose flour  150g ( I used 100 gm Cake flour +  50gm rice Flour)
Glutinous rice Flour 130g
Instant Yeast 1/2tsp+1/4tsp
Caster Sugar 70g
Pandan Leaves 5 pcs + 200gm water ( Blend & sieve to get the pandan Juice)
Corn Oil  15g

1) Sieve All purpose flour & glutinous rice flour into a bog bowl
2) Add in yeast , caster sugar , mix well
3) Slowly add in pandan juice and knead till become a dough and does not stick on your hand. (Note : you may not need all the pandan juice)
4) Slowly knead in the oil till you get a smooth dough
5) Divide dough in 50 gm each
6) Shape round and flatten onto banana leafs ( I am using parchment paper)
7) Cover and rest for 30 mins ( Note : you may test by pressing the surface of the dough, and if if feels springy then is ready for steaming)
8) Steam at medium heat for 12 mins. Turn off fire but do not open the cover yet. Open a small slit just to release the heat for 5 mins. Then slowly open the cover.

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