Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sarawak Steamed Coffee Layer Cake

This was a MUST cake for Chinese New Year when we go back to Sibu , Sarawak for Chinese New Year

Recipe from my Mother in Law :-

10 eggs
14 ounce Butter
4 Oz Icing Sugar
6 Oz plain Flour
340gm Kaya
1 small tin Condensed milk
4T Coffee (nescafe)
2 T cocoa Powder
1tsp Baking Powder

~ Beat Butter with icing sugar till pale & fluffy
~ Beat in egg one at a time
~ Add in flour, Baking Powder ,  kaya & condensed milk
~ Mix till smooth
~ Separate into 2 portion with one portion plain , the other portion add in nescafe & cocoa Powder
~@@ we making 4 layers of coffee & 3 layers of plain
~Prepare steamer , when water is boiling, put in the first coffee layer, covered & steamed at low heat for 6-7 mins
~Repeat with the next layer till finished up to 7th layer
~ steamed extra 20 mins

Our chinese New year Decoration at Sibu


  1. what does 4T coffee means? 4 tablespoon?

  2. hi wan ling, ya.. is 4 tablespoon.

  3. Interesting cake. Is the kaya the coconut egg jam? Can use homemade?

  4. Hi Twinklesix, ya... u may use homemade coconut egg jam.

  5. condense milk, may i know how much? g?