Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gruyere Cheese Focaccia

Seen this recipe at Bakes for Happy Kids for a long time , but only managed to get the gruyere cheese recently. Decided to quickly try out this great recipe

Gruyere cheese focaccia 
Adapted from Bakes for Happy Kids
Dough Recipe :-
250 gm Bread Flour
10 ml Olive Oil
4gm Instant Yeast
2 gm sea salt
150ml water

Layering ingredient :- 180gm gruyere cheese

Mix the above ingredients till you get a smooth dough. Covered  dough in an oiled bowl , proof for an hour or till double. Slowly tip out the proof dough & cut into half. 
Roll flat and put inside a pyrex square dish. Add in sliced gruyere cheese, and covered up with and second half of the dough .
Covered and proof for another hour or till double. Make small indentations on top of the dough. Sprinkle some sea salt & olive oil. Bake at preheated oven for 30 mins at 180 C


So Soft & Tasty !! See the melted gruyere cheese!!

Traditional chinese steamed egg cake- No leavening

Traditional steamed egg cake ... only three very basic ingredients to make this cake. It was delicious!

All you need is

a bowl of eggs
a bowl of caster sugar ( I reduced to half a bowl)
a bowl of rose flour or cake flour
a tiny bit of salt

You need to beat the eggs (cold from fridge!) and caster sugar till pass ribbon stage < i.e. when you hold up the balloon whisk the batter will drop when you count to 3. that is the stage you want to stop at.
Then gently fold in the flour & salt.
Steamed in a rattan bowl or i am using a dim sum wooden mould for 25 mins on high heat.

Hot !! from wok!!

No Leavening Agent use, but still can get soft & fluffy cake

My Dad told me that when they were kids, they were ask to whisk the egg by hand ! see how long they need to whisk to get the passed ribbon stage...we are lucky now to have high tech mixer...

Steamed Caramel banana cake


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pumpkin red bean bao

Tomorrow is a very important days for Malaysian... We will be casting our votes .
This recipe I have adapted from 孟老师 steamed bun recipe , resulting a beautiful orangey bao ...
Ingredients :-
75gm water ( you may not need all, add slowly till you get a pliable dough)
175gm plain flour
75gm pumpkin purée
15gm brown sugar
3/4 tsp instant yeast
1T corn oil

Knead all the above ingredients till you get a pliable and soft dough that will not still on your hand.
Covered and rest for 10 mins.
Divide into 25gm each . You will get 11 pcs. Roll flat and wrap in the red bean paste.
Let frement for 20 mins or till double .
Steamed starting with cold water , turning fire to medium heat for 20 mins Do not open the cover of wok immediately, off fire and let it sit for 3 mins before opening so you will get a smooth surface bao.