Friday, November 9, 2012

Micro-wavy Bread - Sweet & soft buns 微波面包

Got this recipe from a chinese blogger. This is my second try , first time try in pandan flavor.

Recipe as below :

Prefremented Dough :
201gm bread flour
50 gm egg
1t instant yeast
16 gm milk powder
73gm fresh milk

Roughly mix all the above , set aside to rest & proof for an hour, covered.

Main dough :-

67 gm Bread Flour
54 gm brown sugar
3/4t salt
27gm fresh milk
43gm butter

After an hour, tear the prefremented dough into small pieces. Mix in all the above main dough ingredients except butter. Knead well to form a rough dough, then add in butter.
Knead till you get a smooth shinny dough , no need to reach membrane stage

Use a rolling pin, roll the dough 15 x to form a flat rectangle. Then divide the dough into 40 gm each.
Shaped round & rest for 5 mins.
After 5 mins, roll flat into a rectangle shape & roll up like a swiss roll. Let rest for 5 mins .
After 5 mins, roll flat again & roll up like swiss roll , arranged in the baking pan.

Proofed for an hour or till double. Brush with egg wash & bake at 180C for 15 mins.

This recipe is a keeper! Short time and no need to knead till membrane stage but still yield a soft & sweet bun.

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