Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pumpkin Mantou

A lovely day for a pumpkin mantous... recipe as below :-

(a) Starter Dough
130gm pau flour
2t instant yeast
100ml lukewarm water

Mix well the above and let rest for 15 mins

200 gm pumpkin puree
170gm pau flour
100gm caster sugar
1-1/2 t Double action Baking powder
5t crisco shortening
extra 4T of pau flour - Add only if the dough is wet

after the starter dough rest for 15 mins, add in (b) and mix till smooth (i mixed using the bread maker for 30 mins) . cover and proved for 45 mins or till double .

After 45 mins, lightly knead dough to release air, and divide dough into 50 gm each.
Let rest cover for 10 mins. then shaped in flower mantou shape.

Let proved second time for 15 mins or till double .
Steam high heat for 8 mins.

Verdict :- soft , fluffy orangey mantou!

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