Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Yam Affair - Yam Bread & Yam Mantou

Yesterday and today....i made some yam mantou and yam bread.

Yam Mantou recipe created by wendyssw

(a) Starter Dough
130gm pau flour
2t instant yeast
100ml lukewarm water

Mix well the above and let rest for 15 mins. Then divided into two equal weigh of 115 gm.

(b) Yam dough
115gm of starter dough
85gm yam - steamed and mashed
100gm plain flour
50gm caster sugar
3/4 t Double action Baking powder
3t corn oil
35ml water
a drop of yam paste

(c) Plain dough
115gm starter dough
185gm plain flour
50 gm caster
3/4 t DABP
3t corn oil
50ml water

after the starter dough rest for 15 mins, add in (b) and mix till smooth (i mixed using the bread maker for 30 mins) . cover and proved for 45 mins or till double .

Do the same to (c) plain dough.

After 45 mins, lightly knead dough to release air.
Let rest for 10 mins , covered.
after 15 mins, roll plain dough into a rectangle shape. brush with some water.
Rolled the yam dough into a rectangle shape and put on top of plain dough.
Lightly press and rolled up like a swiss roll.
Cut into equal size and

Let proved second time for 15 mins or till double .
Steam high heat for 8 mins.

Yam Bread

Recipe adapted from Honeybeesweet

Prefremented dough :-
65gm Plain flour ( i used organic bread flour)
40 ml warm water
1/2t instant yeast

In a mixing bowl, roughly mix all the above together till become pliable dough.
Place dough in a container, covered and place into fridge for 4-6 hrs

Main Dough:-

All the above prefremented dough
250 gm bread flour
10 gm skimmed milk powder
135 gm Yam - steamed & mashed, chilled
40 gm caster sugar
1t instant yeast
1/4 t salt
180 - 200 ml water ( add only as per needed)
30 gm butter

Method :-
knead all the above till reached membrane stage. Covered and 1st proof for an hour or till double.
Lightly knead to release air.
Butter Yam Mini Bun

rest the dough for 10 mins. Divide dough . I made 7 pcs 75 gm dough & 12 pcs 25 gm mini bun.
5 pcs of 75gm dough i made into small sandwich loaf. 2 pcs of 75 gm made into hotdog bun.
The 12 pcs mini bun, i wrap a pcs of butter inside. roll up.

Second prove for 45 mins or till double.
Loaf pan - bake 180 C for 20 mins
Mini buns & hotdog buns - 15 mins.

Cooled completely before storing in an air tight container.

Result : can't really see the yam inside the bread.  But can smell yam .

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