Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fish Shaped Mooncake ^^ Happy Mooncakes Festival 2012

Happy Mooncake festival 2012 ! Today we did a small celebration at home.
This will be my last mooncake post for this year

 Recipe Adapted from Honey Bee Sweets.

Mooncake Skin :-

Makes 12 Mini Fish Mooncakes

225 gm Hong Kong Flour
135 gm Golden Syrup
1t alkaline water
55 gm Vegetable oil

240 gm Lotus paste

1) Measure out the Golden Syrup, alkaline water & oil into a small bowl.
2) Add in the flour, stir & knead till pialable dough ( does not stick to your hand)
3) Covered & rest for 30 mins.
4) Meanwhile , weigh the lotus paste to 20gm each. Rolled into ball .
5) After 30 mins resting time of the moon cake skin, weigh the skin dough to 25 gm each.
Wrap the lotus paste into the skin dough and put into the fish mould shape.
6) Dislodge the mini fish mooncake into a lined baking tray
7) baked at 170 C for 10 mins. Set aside to cool
8) Brush with egg wash & return to bake for another 15 mins.

Ready to go into oven.

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