Thursday, September 13, 2012

Green Tea (Matcha) Swiss Roll with White Chocolate Ganache

This is my second try in making white chocolate ganache. First time , the ganache separated during the whipping i got to re-do the second time to get the correct ratio.

Do give this swiss roll a try...healthy , low sugar and so soft!
Recipe as below :-
5 yolks
25 gm caster sugar
45 gm corn oil
45 gm milk
75 gm Superfine Flour
1T Matcha Powder
5 whites
85 gm Caster Sugar ( 1 used 50 gm only)

White Chocolate Ganache :-
100 gm White Chocolate
100 gm Heavy Cream
100 gm Whipping Cream

Method :

Mix ingredients A till well combined or till you get a smooth batter. Set aside.

Whip B ingredients till stiff peaks formed. Fold in 1/3 of the whites into egg yolks mixture.
Then fold in carefully the egg yolks mixture to the whites. Do not deflate the bubbles.

Put the batter into a 10" x 14" swiss roll pan. Level it and tap hard on table .
Put into oven at preheated 175 C for 15 mins.

Meanwhile Prepared the White CHocolate Ganache.
Double Boiled the white chocolate and heavy cream  till chocolate melted . Put into fridge to cool down the mixture.
When the mixture is cooled and slightly thickens, whip the whipping cream on high speed till strokes appeared on the cream, then slowly pour in the melted chocolate. continued Whisk till stiff.
Spread immediately on the swiss roll and roll up . Rest in fridge for 30 mins before cutting.

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