Sunday, September 30, 2012

Steamed Flower Bun with Crispy Bacon

Recipe adapted from a cookbook  by 孟老师
(Makes 7 pcs flower roll)

135gm water
250gm plain flour
15 gm sugar ( i used 40gm , cos i feel not sweet enough)
1T oil
3/4t yeast

Chopped bacons- fried  (i added)

Method :
Mix all the dough ingredients and knead till soft & smooth.
set aside , covered, rest for 5 mins
roll into a rectangle shaped , width 35 cm x 15 cm
Brush with some oil and spread the chopped bacon over the dough.
Shaped into flower roll.
Rest for 30 mins or till double.
Steamed from cool water for 17 mins. Turn to medium heat once water is boiling.
After 17 mins, off the fire and let stand for 3 mins before opening the lid.

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