Sunday, September 2, 2012


First time doing this macaroons, really temperate little pastry . Every steps need to be done precisely and with love !

Recipe as below using French Meringue method :-

53gm egg whites
28gm caster sugar

83gm icing sugar
64 gm ground almond

Sieve ground almond with icing sugar . throw away all the bits of almond .
Beat egg whites with caster sugar till near stiff peak.
fold in the almond and icing mixture . Stop when you test by drop the mixture and the peaks dissolved in the count of 10.

Pipe 1-1/2" in diameter on a baking paper. Tap hard on bench to release the air. Dry out the macarons till dry skin form.
Preheat oven to 180 C , turn down to 150 C and put in the macarons, bake for 14 mins.

Pipe out macaroons, no peaks , as peaks will dissolved by itself if proper macaronage is done

Unfilled Macarons , with feet ! yay!

Look ! No hollow ....yippeee!!

Filled macarons with dark chocolate ganache, Yum!

Macarons all finished up within an hour , really nice !

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