Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cheesy Shanghai Mooncakes

This year mooncake festival falls on 23rd September 2012.

Recipe adapted from Sonia

All packed up for delivery 

 This cheesy flavours Shanghai Mooncakes was my new flavors this year
Recipe as below makes 8 pcs Mooncakes (Outer Skin - 50 gm, Lotus paste fillings 50 gms

120 gm Butter
40 gm caster sugar
1-1/2T evaporated milk
2T Parmesan cheese powder
1T cornflour
180gm Hong Kong Flour

Lotus paste- 400 gm
Adequate amount of melon seeds (roasted)
Salted egg yolks - 8 pcs (steamed for 10 mins)

Method :-
Creamed Butter with caster sugar till creamy and fluffy. Slowly add in milk. Beat to mix well.
Lastly add in Parmesan Cheese, cornflour & hong kong flour.
Wrap dough & refirgerate for 30 mins.

Prepared the lotus paste fillings , weigh 50 gm each and wrap in the salted egg yolks.
After 30 mins, removed the dough from fridge and wrap in the lotus paste.
Wrapped up . Ready for 1st baking

Baked for 10 mins at preheated oven 180 C . removed from oven, rest for 15 mins. Brushed with egg wash (1yolk + 1T water) , decorate with melon seeds, and rebaked for another 20 mins.

Let cool completely before storing at air tight container

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