Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Birthday Cake - Chocolate Cake with Light Ganache & laquer Glaze

Today was hubby birthday. Despite renovation going on in our house, I managed to make a cake for his birthday. It was a chocolate cake made from clarified butter. It was soft and full of bitterness from the chocolate ! simple and elegant . I topped it with strawberry.

Lucious Strawberry 

Recipe adapted from
Thanks wendy for sharing the wonderful recipe!!

shiny glaze...simply beautiful!

Recipe for Chocolate cake :-

60 gm clarified Butter - melted and add in 1t vanilla extract
60 gm cake flour-sieved
38gm cocoa powder (1 used valhorna cocoa powder)- sieved together with flour
5 grade A eggs
200 gm sugar ( i used 150 gm)

Preheat oven at 180C. Double boil egg & sugar, whisking till egg mixture is warm and sugar melted.
Remove from heat and whip the egg mixture till ribbon stage.
fold in flour & cocoa powder. Taking care not to deflate the air bubbles.
Drop 1 Cup of egg batter into the clarified butter. Mix well and pour back to the egg batter. Fold batter till well mixed. Bake in a 9" pan for 30 mins.

Light Ganache recipe:-
250 ml whipping cream
184gm Dark bitter chocolate

Warm up cream till you see small bubbles appeared at the side. Pour warm cream into the chocolate . Leave to stand for a minute. Then stir till all chocolate melted. Covered and fridge for at least 6 hours (i frigde overnite)
When ready to use, just whipped till thick and frost immediately

Lacquer Glaze :-

39gm cold water
1-1/8 tsp gelatin

100 gm sugar
59 gm water
21 gm corn syrup (i used golden syrup)
50 gm cocoa powder
58 gm whip cream

Place 39gm water in bowl & sprinkle in the gelatin. Let sit for 5 mins.
Cooked the sugar in 59 gm water till melted .. Turn off heat and add in the syrup and cocoa powder, followed by cream. stir well. return to heat till bubbles appeared at the side. Turn off fire and strained the mixture. Add in the gelatin, stir well. Leave to cool in fridge till 26 C before pouring to glaze cake

Once cake ready, slice into half, spread the whipped light ganache and let set in fridge for 2 hours before pouring the glaze. 

Happy Birthday Hubby !
want a bite ? Creamy and delicious! make sure you used dark bitter chocolate

Try it , you won't regret ! Cos the glaze was amazing!

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