Sunday, July 5, 2015

Natural Yeast Starter - Raisin Natural yeast

Making my own natural yeast was a disaster during the first trial, my bread turn out too sour , causing me to throw away my whole loaf.

After consulting some bloggers who have experience in baking with natural yeast, i was determined to start the whole process once more .

To make your own natural yeast, you have to make the yeast water first.
I chose organic raisins, because it gives stronger yeast...yes! i  need a stronger yeast because during my first trial, it takes me 6 hrs to prove my bread.

Recipe adapted from carol

100 gm Organic raisins
150 gm room temp boiled filter water

Pour some hot water over raisins, let it soak for 1 min, strained and put aside to cool down.
Prepare a clean sterile jar (about 500ml capacity)
Pour in the raisins, add the water.
closed the lid and let it ferment at room temp for min. 3 days or max. 5 days at our weather

Day 1, u can see little bubble , shake it & open the lid once a day
Repeat for Day 2 onwards till all the raisins floating on top of the water with sizzling sound when you open the jar, then it is ready for the next step

Strain the raisins, put the raisin water into another cleaned jar (1 lit capacity)
Add in bread flour ( ** UPDATED 01.09.2016 , i found that using organic rye flour for the first 3 feeds give better result) till the consistency of lumpy pancake batter or oatmeal
stir well & let it sit till doubled.
Then you may used it for bread baking

Updated on  01.09.2016 :-
If you do not used your starter for baking, please keep in fridge and feed once every 3-4days.
And if your starter started to fill up 3/4 capacity of your bottle, pls discard half and feed again. I find that if your starter yeast is too full, the yeast will be slower to rise.
Discarded yeast cano be use to make waffles, pancakes or cakes

Using Homegrown Mulberry to make natural yeast Day 1
Tiny Bubbles appeared on Day 3. I find that if you shaked the bottle a few times a day gives faster harvest

after first feed with Organic rye flour, i used 50gm yeast water and 50gm Organic rye flour. after double , you may feed 2nd time , same ratio . Repeat until u finished up your liquid yeast water. After that you may feed using filtered boiled room temp water


  1. Good job. For your reference, you may add Sangjin Ko facebook account. He's a korean who makes natural yeast bread. ��