Monday, June 8, 2015

Cartoon Charactor kerokerokeroppi frog steamed pandan red bean paste bao

Kerokerokeroppi is my fav cartoon charactor when i was young. So this was the first cartoon bun or bao i am trying out.

Recipe adapted from a chinese recipe book

Pre Dough :-

200gm Bao Flour
115gm water
1/2tsp instant yeast

Roughly mixed the above, covered & let proof for 2 hours

Main Dough :-
100gm Bao flour
30gm caster sugar
30gm oil
50ml milk
all the above predough
1/2 tsp sea salt

Filling :-
adequate red bean paste

for coloring :-
2 tsp homemade pandan paste

Mix & knead all the above till you get a smooth dough( except the pandan paste)
Take out 50 gm of the white dough . Add 2 tsp of homemade pandan paste into the balance of the dough. mix well.
Divide the 50gm white dough into 20 pcs , roll into small ball. This will be the eyes
Divide the pandan dough into 10 portion (about 40gm each)

Wrap in the red bean paste. Put the pair of eyes on top.

Covered & let proof till double .
Steamed from cold water for 12 mins. Let stand  3 mins before opening the cover

In the meantime prepare some charcoal powder , mixed with a bit water.
Once time is up, uncover & paint the eyes & mouth of the frog using a skewer.

Cover & steamed again for another 2 mins. It's done!

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