Sunday, November 13, 2011

Prune Kue Lapis Indonesia (Without the Spice!)

Yesterday managed to squeeze in some time to make this Indonesia Kueh Lapis.
Recipe taken from Agnes Chang Book

Butter 340 gm
Icing Sugar 200gm
Sweeten Condensed Milk 1 T

Egg Yolks 12nos
Homemade Vanilla Essence 1 t

Egg Whites  4 nos

Cake Flour   100 gm
Some Prunes - cut into half and flatten

Preheated oven to 200C on grill mode. Greased and line a 9" Square Pan
Beat A till fluffy (about 10 mins with a handheld mixer)
Beat B will fluffy.
Add B into A. Mix in sifted D.
Beat C till stiff peak. Then fold into the above mixture
Divide cake batter into equal weight . Mine is 150gm per layer .
Spread out the first layer and grill for 7 mins or till golden brown. Take out the cake and lightly press with a cake presser to get even layer. Spread 2nd Layer and continue to bake till all finish.
Final layer , turn oven to 180 C (with upper and lower fire)  bake for 15 mins

Cake was moist and full of butter flavour!
May bake this cake again for chirstmas and chinese new year !

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