Monday, August 6, 2012

Milky Loaf

Last night managed to make this simple loaf of bread .
The ingredients used is the most basic that can also produced a wonderful soft loaf with milky taste.

Milky loaf Recipe :-

143gm fresh milk
35 gm egg
25 gm caster sugar
1t instant yeast
250 gm bread flour ( i used 225gm bread flour with 25gm rye flour)
1t salt
38gm butter

Put all the ingredients into the bread maker ,using dough function , knead dough until passed "window paned" stage. Covered and proved for about an hour or till double the size.

Once double, knead dough to release all air. Divide dough into two equal half, covered and rest for 10 mins to relax the dough.

Shaped the dough and put into a pullman tin. and second proved till 80% full.
Baked at 180C for 30 mins.

Turn out the bread loaf once out from oven and let cooled completely before slicing.


Results : Easy to achieve membrane stage. Produces soft fluffy bread

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