Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wholesome Wholewheat Bread loaf (with starter dough)

Tried out this recipe from on 12st July 2012,
It yields a very soft & bouncy bread ! lasted till 3rd day...

Predough /starter dough :-
60 gm Wholewheat Flour
60gm bread flour
120ml water

Mix & chill in airtight container at least 12 hours or till 36 hours

Main Dough :-
all the above starter (straight from fridge , not need to wait )
360gm Bread Flour
8gm instant yeast
8gm salt
40gm caster sugar
20gm honey
12gm milk powder
210ml fresh milk
30 gm butter

Knead all the above main dough ingredients except butter till become soft dough, then add in butter.
knead till reach membrane stage ( 1 used bread maker- 3cycles)

Let first proved, covered, till double or an hour.

Then punch out air, let dough rest for 15 mins. After 15 mins, divide dough into 2 (mine is 450gm & 400gm ) shaped & placed into loaf pan .  second proved till double.

Preheated over at 180C , brush egg wash on the proved bread dough , sprinkle some oatmeal on top and baked for 30mins.

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