Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pandan Kaya Layered Cake

Pandan is one of our favourite flavour of cakes.

I have baked a vanilla sponge cake using my favourite sponge cake recipe shared by Sonia

Recipe for Sponge Cake as below (Makes one 6" round cake)

3 yolks
15 gm sugar
55 gm vanilla water
40 gm corn oil
80 gm cake flour

3 Whites
55 gm sugar
1/2 tsp tartar

Steps :-
Prepare a 6" round cake tin with a removable base.
No need to line the cake tin
Add Sugar into yolks , mix till fluffy
Add in corn oil, mix well.
Then add in vanilla water, stir well to combine
Sieve in flour, stir well to combine.
Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar till foamy, gradually add in sugar and continue beat till near stiff peak.
Take 1/2 of meringue and use hand whisk to mix well with the yolks  mixture
Fold in the balance .
Pour into the baking tin and baked at preheated oven at 140 deg for 25 mins, 160 deg for 30 mins or till cake is done.
Once baked , turn tin upside down and cool completely before remove from tin.

Kaya Layer recipe :-
Ingredients A
600 gm water
80 gm sugar
1 tsp agar agar powder
50 gm unsalted butter
80 gm pandan juice

Ingredients B
240 gm coconut milk
70 gm white hun kwee flour

Mix Ingredients A in a pot. Let rest for 30 mins
Mix Ingredients B in a Bowl, till lump free
Heat up ingredients A will near boiling , off fire then add in Ingredients B, Mix well
On fire to medium low heat, keep stirring . Cook till mixture able to coat the back of your spoon and not taste floury. Off fire , keep stirring for 1 min to slightly cool the kaya mixture

Get ready a cake ring, put one piece of the sponge cake , pour in 300 gm of the kaya
let cool for 1 min. Repeat.

Cool the cake in fridge for 4 hours (min) or overnite.

Cake is not sweet at all, Enjoy!

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